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NYSPC Hall of Fame Nomination Form & Procedure

It is the intent of this award by the NYSPC Circuit Board, the NYSPC Hall Of Fame Standing Committee, and the NYSPC Membership to recognize and honor appropriate individuals for their lifetime of dedication to pageantry arts, and the NYSPC. Hall of Fame inductees will be recognized at the NYSPC Championships and will be memorialized on the NYSPC web site located in the Hall of Fame section. The process will be as follows:


● Anyone may nominate one person as a candidate for the NYSPC Hall of Fame award on or before February 18, 2024.


● The winner of the award will be honored at the NYSPC Championships and will be invited to the event as a special guest.


● The NYSPC Hall of Fame Standing Committee will select zero to three recipients from those nominated. The Committee may make its own additional recommendation as part of the nomination process.


● The Committee will make their final recommendation(s) to the NYSPC Circuit Board on or before March 10, 2024.

NYSPC Hall of Fame Nomination Form

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